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The research area “Fundamentals” contains projects that are focused on basic nonlinear pheno- mena. Here, the key question in each project is clearly motivated by the underlying physics rather than specific materials. The physics of two-photon emission will be addressed by two projects within this area. Project A01 is focused on the two-photon emission in wide-gap materials. Closely related to this is the investigation of parametric processes in single quantum dots (project A03). Nonlinear light emission and parametric down conversion by optical nanoantennas in the regime of plasmonic near...


The research area “Materials” is dedicated to new and promising semiconductor nanostructures for nonlinear applications, to material related aspects of the classical nonlinear material LiNbO3, and to the ab-initio theoretical description of photonic materials.
The semiconductor related projects B01 and B02 are concentrated in one part on the growth and analysis of novel ZnO-based nanostructures for multi-photon and harmonic generation (B01) and in a second part on the growth of GaN/Al(Ga)N based intersubband structures and the investigation of their nonlinear and coherent optical properties...

functional structures

The research area “Functional structures” contains projects aiming for specific nonlinear functi- onalities, which will be obtained from integrated quantum optical circuits (C01, C02) or engineered, coherent optoelectronic structures (C03, C04).
The aim of project C01 is the engineering of LiNbO3-based converters for frequency translation and the full control of the temporal-spectral shape and structure of pulsed quantum light, which will cons- titute an important step towards future quantum communication systems. In C02 a fully integrated LiNbO3 based quantum optical circuit will be developed,...

The central scientific service project Z01 will realize high-quality III-V-semiconductor heterostructures for four scientific projects within the TRR 142 (A03, A04, C03, C04) by molecular beam epitaxy.