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C01: Engineered frequency conversion devices


In this project, we aim to fabricate integrated frequency conversion devices tailored for spectral-temporal manipulation and detection of quantum light emitted from semiconductor structures. The frequency converters will be developed on a lithium niobate platform and we will target for high-performance plug-and-play devices with fiber pigtailed connectors. Incorporating conventional time-domain pulse characterization techniques such as streak cameras, we will show an unprecidented detection efficiency for sub-picosecond pulsed quantum light at the near-infrared spectrum. We will additionally study time-lensing methods for single-photons to further enhance the resolution of our time-domain characterizations.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn Principal InvestigatorUPB
Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer Principal InvestigatorTU DO
M. Sc. Markus Allgaier Doctoral ResearcherUPB
M. Sc. Jano Gil Lopez
Doctoral ResearcherUPB
M. Sc. Johannes Thewes Doctoral ResearcherTU DO