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A02: Nonlinear optical pulse propagation in wide-gap semiconductors


In this project the propagation of intense optical pulses in semiconductors with wide band gaps will be analyzed experimentally and theoretically. The main goal is to accurately control the propagation of optical pulses in epitaxially grown ZnO and GaN planar waveguiding structures and in cubic GaN/(Al,Ga)N quantum well structures by optical nonlinearities arising from excitonic resonances. The project will open novel perspectives for the design of complex nanophotonic circuits including couplers, switches, and memories with ultrafast operation speeds.

Research Staff
Dr. Ilya Akimov Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier Principal Investigator
Dr. Matthias Reichelt Scientific Assistant
Dr. Rao Sathranarayan Postdoc
Dipl. Phys. Lars Kreilkamp