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A04: Coherence and photon statistics of cavity polaritons in wide gap semiconductors


This project is focussed on coherence properties and all-optical control of polariton fluids in planar semiconductor microcavities. The collective nonlinear dynamics of the polariton system will be tailored by spatially structured optical excitation and selective excitation of frequency and polarization components. Based on wide-gap semiconductors, possible application schemes to control the polariton flow will be taken beyond the proof-of-principle stage, paving the way for room-temperature quantum-fluidic circuits that can be optically reconfigured on the fly.

Research Staff
Dr. Marc Aßmann Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schumacher Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer Principal investigator
Dr. Przemyslaw Lewandowski PhD UPB
M.Sc. Manuel Jäckel