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A05: Plasmonic nanoantenna enhanced nonlinear light emission and frequency conversion in dielectric and semiconductor micro-structures


The project targets the problem of weak light-matter interaction for nonlinear optical processes. The resonant excitation of coherent electron oscillations in metallic nanostructures which resamples the concept of an antenna for photons can lead to strong field enhancement. By utilizing an appropriate spatial arrangement of such antennas even quasi-phase matching conditions can be obtained. The project investigates the high potentials that exist for enhancing nonlinear effects in several dielectric material systems and opens the door to new highly efficient nonlinear hybrid materials.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Thomas Zentgraf Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Cedrik Meier Principal investigator
Dr. Yevgen Grynko Postdoc researcher
Dr. Viktor Myroshnychenko Postdoc researcher
M. Sc. Felicitas Walter PhD
M. Sc. Nils Weber PhD