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A06: Ultrafast acoustics modulation of light emission


Project goal is the study of nonlinearities in the light emission of tailored GaN and other wide-gap semiconductor heterostructures upon modulation with acoustic strain pulses. For large strain amplitudes nonlinear acoustic effects become important during strain pulse propagation, due to which the phonon wave-packet may transform into a train of solitons which will strongly affect the light emission when hitting the heterostructure. Further, for resonator-embedded structures the light emission may show a strong nonlinear response, as the strain pulse can push the emission from thermal to coherent, thereby passing the lasing threshold.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Donat As Principal investigator
M. Sc. Thomas Czerniuk PhD TU Do
M.Sc. Tobias Wecker PhD UPB
M.Sc. Michael Deppe PhD UPB