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B01: Nonlinear multi-photon and harmonics generation spectroscopy on ZnO-based nanostructures


This project addresses the enhancement of nonlinear processes such as second and third harmonic generation as well as two- and three-photon absorption due to exciton effects. Due to the strong Coulomb interaction, ZnO is in the main focus in the project which exhibits both strong nonlinear material constants and exciton binding energy. In this project, high-quality low-dimensional quantum systems based on ZnO are fabricated using molecular beam epitaxy. Novel spectroscopic methods are developed in order to investigate the nonlinear effects and the influence of external fields and symmetry-breaking.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Cedrik Meier Principal InvestigatorUPB
Prof. Dr. Dmitri Yakovlev Principal InvestigatorTU DO
M. Sc. Johannes Mund
Doctoral ResearcherTU DO
M. Sc. Maximillian Albert
Doctoral ResearcherUPB