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B02: Nonlinear optics and coherent intersubband physics of cubic GaN/Al(Ga)N quantum well structures


This project aims to fabricate and analyze cubic GaN/Al(Ga)N heterostructures tailored to exhibit intersubband optical transitions in the 1.3 - 1.55 µm telecommunication window. Time-resolved optical experiments will elucidate the resonantly enhanced ultrafast optical nonlinearity associated with intersubband transitions. Insight into coherent phenomena and dephasing will be obtained from four wave-mixing experiments and the study of intersubband Rabi-oscillations. Devices developed within this project may find direct application in wavelength conversion and all-optical control of telecommunication data streams.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Donat As Principal investigator
Dr. Ilya Akimov Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Markus Betz Principal investigator
M. Sc. Tobias Wecker PhD UPB
M. Sc. Thorben Jostmeier PhD TU Do
M.Sc. Lars Erik Kreilkamp PhD TU Do