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B03: Effect of extended and point defects on the ferroelectric and optical properties of LiNbO3


In this project we aim to understand how extended and point defects act on the functional properties of periodically poled waveguide structures. By a combined approach of theory and experimental techniques we investigate the influence of lattice defects on the waveguide optical properties (photon confinement, photorefractivity, spurious luminescence) and on the poling process (domain switching, propagation and growth). Thus, our project paves the way for the realization of the novel nonlinear optical devices based on quantum optical principles.

Research Staff
Jun. Prof. Dr. Simone Sanna Principal investigator
Prof. Dr. Siegmund Greulich-Weber Principal investigator
Dr. Gerhard Berth Principal investigator
M. Sc. Artur Riefer PhD
M. Sc. Sara Arceiz Casas PhD