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C04: Ultrafast electric control of optical polarizations and transitions


The goal of this project is the development of photonic devices with nonlinear functionalities that can be controlled by electric means. The new functional structures involve an ultrafast electronic circuit which drives a single quantum dot in a microresonator. By ultrafast Stark effect tuning we will attain coherent control over the exciton and biexciton transitions in a quantum dot. The project opens fundamentally new perspectives for nonlinear optoelectronic devices which are based on coherent electric control.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Artur Zrenner Principal InvestigatorUPB
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Thiede Principal InvestigatorUPB
Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner Principal InvestigatorUPB
Dr. Gerhard Berth Scientific AssistantUPB
Dr. Dennis Sievers Scientific AssistantUPB

M. Sc. Alex Widhalm Doctoral ResearcherUPB
M. Sc. Peter Kölling Doctoral ResearcherUPB