Transregional Collaborative Research Center TRR 142

Tailored Nonlinear Photonics: From Fundamental Concepts to Functional Structures

Thinking about quantum computing: why will it be based on light? Imagine absolutely tap-proof communication. Or think of measurements which will be much more precise than ever before … All these applications will be light based. Quantum technologies seem close to being ready for the market.

Photonics, which means light-based technologies, have strongly influenced our everyday life over the last decades. The invention of the laser and the development of optoelectronic semiconductor devices have led to the evolution of today’s information and communication infrastructure with a manifold of different applications in science and technology.

Our goal is to explore, develop and engineer future nonlinear photonics systems. We are using state-of-the-art technological capabilities for the exploration of new physics and devices based on tailored strong nonlinearities and genuine quantum effects.

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TRR 142-workshop PHOTONICS FUTURE. Profound |Equal |Inclusive in Bad Driburg in September 2023 (Photo Jan Christoph Daniel)

A constantly changing world requires profound scientific and technological knowledge. And science does not need international or gender boundaries. Therefore, we need to work hard on excellent research in an inclusive environment. On September 19 and 20, 2023, young scientists of the CRC TRR 142 and guests were invited to present their current research as well as to reflect on career paths within sciences – and what it needs to overcome our…

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Bringing Physics closer to the people. Science Talks with researchers of Paderborn University. Foto (Universität Paderborn, Besim Mazhiqi)

English version below ||| Vielleicht fragen Sie sich, was denn eigentlich hinter den Mauern von Reinraum und Optiklabor in der Uni Paderborn passiert. Wie sieht die Forschung von Physikerinnen und Physikern aus, und was hat das mit unserem täglichen Leben zu tun? Inwieweit trägt die Grundlagenforschung dazu bei, dass wir unsere Welt besser verstehen – sodass diese zukunftssicherer wird? Zu diesen und mehr Fragen geben Forschende der Uni…

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On August 3, 2023, Dr. Alexander Trautmann successfully defended his dissertation on: „Microscopic analysis of the nonlinear optical response of semiconductors: Carrier dynamics in extremely intense Terahertz fields and many-body correlations in type-II heterostructures”. Congratulations, Alexander!

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Dr. Adriana Bocchini defended her dissertation on July 12, 2023.

On July 12,2023, Dr. Adriana Bocchini successfully defended her dissertation on: „Optical and Electrochemical Properties of KTP-Type Crystals”. Congratulations, Adriana!

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“We would like to encourage young women to become a part of the scientific community as early as possible.” Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

The travel grant scheme offers financial support to promising female students (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.) who aim to attend a scientific conference, a summer/winter school, or a relevant scientific event of their choice.

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Collaborative Research Center TRR 142

How does quantum light sound? What is the world’s smallest brush? Why is yellow light needed in the clean room?  

These and other questions are discussed in the various episodes of the podcast PADERPHY.

Learn more about the research activities (not only) around the CRC TRR 142 and about the people behind it. Podcast in German language.

A movie about the CRC TRR142 …

Controlling light with light – Tailored nonlinear photonics

See the movie here.

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