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Transregional Collaborative Research Center TRR 142

Tailored Nonlinear Photonics: From Fundamental Concepts to Functional Structures

Thinking about quantum computing: why will it be based on light? Imagine absolutely tap-proof communication. Or think of measurements which will be much more precise than ever before … All these applications will be light based. Quantum technologies seem close to being ready for the market.

Photonics, which means light-based technologies, have strongly influenced our everyday life over the last decades. The invention of the laser and the development of optoelectronic semiconductor devices have led to the evolution of today’s information and communication infrastructure with a manifold of different applications in science and technology.

Our goal is to explore, develop and engineer future nonlinear photonics systems. We are using state-of-the-art technological capabilities for the exploration of new physics and devices based on tailored strong nonlinearities and genuine quantum effects.

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How does quantum light sound? What is the world’s smallest brush? Why is yellow light needed in the clean room?  

These and other questions are discussed in the various episodes of the podcast PADERPHY.

Learn more about the research activities (not only) around the CRC TRR 142 and about the people behind it. Podcast in German language.

A movie about the CRC TRR142

Controlling light with light – Tailored nonlinear photonics

See the movie here.