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B05: Tailored KTP and Lithium Niobate waveguide structures for counter-propagating parametric down-conversion processes


This project aims at the fabrication of periodically poled waveguide structures with ultrashort periods in lithium niobate and KTP for counter-propagating parametric down conversion. We will focus on the development of the technological processes required to achieve ultra short domain periods in a combined technological and analytical approach in close cooperation with theoretical materials physics. The realized structures will be investigated for the applicability in real PDC sources in terms of their nonlinear optical properties. Achieving counter-propagating parametric down conversion will enable bright and narrowband single photon sources necessary for novel quantum optical experiments.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Christine SilberhornPrincipal InvestigatorUPB
Dr. Gerhard BerthPrincipal InvestigatorUPB
Dr. Harald HerrmannScientific AssistantUPB
M. Sc. Laura PadbergDoctoral ResearcherUPB
M. Sc. Peter MackwitzDoctoral ResearcherUPB