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A08: Photoelectron and optical spectroscopies to study the SHG of plasmonic mode excitations coupled to the QWs intersubband transitions.

Dr. Mahdi Hajlaoui
Example of Multiples QW-based plasmonic nanoantennas for SHG; a schematic overview of the entire coupling system and the nonlinear process: J. Lee, et al. Nature (2014)

Dr. Mahdi Hajloui, AG Cinchetti

What is the challenge of my research project? Why am I eager to do it?
As a postdoctoral researcher, I am working on the project A08 which consists of studying the second harmonic generation (SHG) in plasmonic nanoantennas coupled to semiconductor quantum wells (Qws). For this purpose, far-field and near field laser-based techniques will be involved at Paderborn University (optical spectroscopy) and at TU Dortmund (photoelectron micro-spectroscopy). In my group at TU Dortmund I am using momentum microscopy which is both sensitive to the near field in real space, and at the same time can measure the energy and momentum distribution of the electronic levels. This unique combination of real and reciprocal space imaging will enable me to visualize the spatial distribution of plasmonic modes excitations (ω and 2ω) and to map the energy and momentum distribution of hot electrons generated by the Qws intersubband transitions. Using this experimental setup, one can determine how the geometry of plasmonic resonators, in real space, and the momentum-dependence of their radiative decay in reciprocal space can affect the SHG.

Why did I choose this project?
This project aims mainly to study and enhance the nonlinear optical response in nano-component materials. For this innovative plan I have chosen this project; it will enable me to gain scientific backgrounds in the field of small-scale nonlinear optics and to heighten my experimental skills in different laser-based spectroscopies.