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A03: Cavity enhanced two-photon physics with semiconductor quantum dots

M. Sc. Björn Jonas
two-photon processes

M. Sc. Björn Jonas, AG Zrenner

What is the challenge of my research project? Why am I eager to do it?
The goal of the project A03 is the investigation of two-photon processes in single quantum dots in a cavity. These processes are interesting candidates to realize QD based single photon sources which are adjustable in wavelength, polarization and timing by the controlling laser pulses.

My main job in this project is to perform the spectroscopic measurements. The main challenge with this is, the development of an experimental setup, that allows to detect the photons generated by these two photon processes, while suppressing the straylight generated by the strong laser excitation that is needed to achieve the desired transitions.

Furthermore, I am also involved in the development of the samples needed for this project. I am working closely together with the PhD student who grows the QD-samples using MBE and the Postdoc responsible for the coordination of the technology within the TRR, in order to fabricate electrically contacted microcavity quantum dot samples.