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A03: Cavity enhanced two-photon physics with semiconductor quantum dots

M. Sc. Timo Langer
Topographic scan with an atomic force measurement of a sample with quantum dots at a low density

M. Sc. Timo Langer, AG Reuter

What is the challenge of my research project? Why am I eager to do it?
I am involved in the Project A03 of the TRR 142 since last year and I fabricate semiconductor quantum dots embedded in cavities, which are then processed further and analyzed in spectroscopic experiments. The big challenge is the optimization of fabrication in order to achieve low density quantum dots, which can then be exited individually by a focused laser beam in spectroscopic experiments. This requires a low density of approximately one quantum dot per square micrometer or less. In order to achieve this low density we try different approaches. Furthermore, the quantum dots have to tuned to achieve the correct energy level.

Why did I choose this project?
The growth of semiconductors with the desired properties in a molecular beam epitaxy is challenging. Especially the achievement of a low density is very difficult. Sometimes it takes many samples and much optimization to achieve a sample which shows the expected behavior. But I do like the challenge to search for the ideal growth parameters and to find out the reason why samples do not behave as expected. And in the end one does get a sample which shows exactly the expected behavior.