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C01: Engineered frequency conversion devices

M. Sc. Carolin Lüders
Image of a Lithium Niobate waveguide used for frequency conversion. It is illuminated by visible orange light that is produced from infrared light by the frequency conversion process.

Carolin Lüders, AG Bayer

What is the challenge of my research project? Why am I eager to do it?
For a wide range of applications from spectroscopy to communication, it is necessary to produce, control and detect pulsed light at ever-shorter time scales. In order to resolve pulse lengths in the picosecond time range (10-12 seconds), so called streak cameras are commonly used, which translate the time of incoming photons to the spatial position of electrons on a screen. Unfortunately, streak camera photocathodes rapidly loose sensitivity for wavelengths higher than 900 nm, which makes it difficult to investigate pulsed light sources in the infrared regime. Therefore, the idea of this project is to convert infrared light to visible light, for which the streak camera is far more sensitive. In a first step, our project partners in Paderborn fabricated nonlinear frequency conversion devices, which I am currently characterizing and implementing in order to investigate pulsed light from quantum dot emitters.  

Why did I choose this project?
This project includes diverse challenges from the design and implementation of an optical setup to the evaluation of data, which is very interesting for me.