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B05: Tailored KTP and LiNbO3 waveguide structures for counter-propagating parametric downconversion processes

M. Sc. Peter Mackwitz
Overview of the confocal µ-Raman spectroscopy setup combining spectral and spatial information for the visualization of periodically poled waveguides.

Peter Mackwitz, AG A. Zrenner:

What is the challenge of my research project? Why am I eager to do it?
I joined the project B05 as a PhD student in January 2018 with the beginning of the second funding phase of the CRC. Within this project, my task is to investigate periodically poled waveguide structures in the ferroelectric materials potassium titanyl phosphate and lithium niobate by means of different spectroscopy methods namely confocal Raman spectroscopy and Second-Harmonic generation spectroscopy. This analysis is performed in a feedback-loop with the fabrication side in order to engineer waveguide devices for efficient sources for counter-propagating parametric down conversion processes using ultra-short domain periods. Furthermore the experiments are correlated with theoretical material physics calculations.

Why did I choose this project?
My project combines the steady progress of a device design process with novel insights of the basic mechanisms of the underlying physics. The diversity of the tasks in terms of technology, fundamental physics and interdisciplinary collaboration are very challenging and excited me for this project.