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B01: Nonlinear multi-photon and harmonics generation spectroscopy on ZnO-based nanostructures

M. Sc. Johannes Mund
Scheme of second-harmonic generation (SHG): Exciton excitation by two photons of fundamental frequency ω is allowed while one photon emission at 2ω is only possible if an external magnetic field B is applied.

Dr. Johannes Mund, AG Yakovlev

What is the aim of my research project?
Continuing the Dortmund research activities of the preceding PhD student who advised me during my master thesis, I am investigating the semiconductor zinc oxide (ZnO) and quantum well structures based on this material. The aim is to gather information on exciton states by second- and third-harmonic generation. New mechanisms are identified and analyzed by systematic symmetry breaking by magnetic or electric fields applied to the samples.

Why did I choose this project?
What appeals me most about this project is the vast field of opportunities opened up by nonlinear effects. These deliver complementary information to linear measurements – leading to an exhaustive understanding of fundamental properties of the samples. Furthermore, as nonlinear effects are usually weak, high experimental skill and endurance during measurements are required - two challenges I do like to meet. And finally my aspiration is - as every scientist should have - to increase the giants a tiny bit from whose shoulders future generations of scientists can conduct their research.