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B05: Tailored KTP and LiNbO3 waveguide structures for counter-propagating parametric down-conversion processes

M. Sc. Laura Padberg
Schematic representation of the technological process from today with larger poling periods to the goal of B05 with poling periods below 1µm.

M. Sc. Laura Padberg, AG Silberhorn

What is the challenge of my research project?
Counter-propagating parametric down-conversion is the generation of photon pairs propagating in opposite directions. From theoretical investigations it is well-known that such photon pair sources can offer unique properties in particular concerning narrow bandwidth and modal purity. However, the main challenge for the realization of such sources is to obtain phase-matching, which requires ultra-short poling periods down to the sub-µm range, if first order phase-matching is considered. This project aims for the development of waveguide structures with ultra-short poling periods in KTP and LiNbO3.

Why did I chose this project? Why am I eager to do it?
The realization of a counter-propagating parametric down-conversion source requires an exceptional effort in the technological development. The challenge of sample design and fabrication on new exiting territories aroused my interest. Especially my gained knowledge during my Bachelor and Master about the material platforms KTP and LiNbO3, the waveguide fabrication and periodic poling is the reason why I am eager to join the project.

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