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A02: Four-wave-mixing spectroscopy and optical pulse propagation in wide-gap semiconductors

M. Sc. Jonas Vondran
Spatially-resolved pump-probe measurements allow to separately detect different optical responses of resonant and off-resonant guiding modes due to their opposite propagation.

M. Sc. Jonas Vondran, AG Akimov

What is the aim of my research project?
I started as a PhD student in 2016 in the middle of the first funding period. Some previous measurements were taken (steady-state reflectivity) and I was the first one to investigate the sample on our femtosecond-resolved pump-probe experiment. For my research the subject of interest is a CdZnTe waveguide with plasmonic grating. We are investigating the processes involved with exciton-polariton creation and propagation as guiding modes. This is interesting as we can obtain not only time-resolved but also spatially resolved data, which allows the separation of different processes (Pauli blocking and excitation-induced dephasing) due to their different propagation. Although it is not directly application related (basic research) it is exciting that the research of strong non-linearities in direct bandgap semiconductors could expose effects that might be utilizable in the future.

Why did I choose this project?
I worked with plasmonic gratings before and I found it interesting to investigate the interaction with the non-linear effects of the waveguiding layer. The observation of slowed-down light pulses in this material is promising and we are looking forward to investigate different propagation and also four-wave mixing phenomena in such structures.