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Joint Technology Project

Dr. Nils Weber
Scanning electron microscope image of a ZnO-based photonic microdisk resonator with plasmonic nanoantennas on top.

Dr. Nils Weber (Former AG C.Meier)

How did I get started in the TRR142?

In the first funding period of the TRR142, I was part of the project A05, where I did research for my PhD thesis. Here, I was working on plasmonic devices based on zinc oxide, which aim to increase the nonlinear optical response. The project also included the development of photonic hybrid structures, as well as the corresponding fabrication techniques for such devices.

What is my motivation for my project?

After finishing my PhD, I started working on the ’joint technology‘ project as a postdoc due to my previously acquired skills and expertise on different fabrication techniques such as electron beam lithography and reactive ion etching. Here, I got involved into multiple different TRR projects and material systems, which include GaAs-AlAs-heterostructures, LiNbO3 waveguides or silicon-based photonics. In my opinion, this project immensely contributes to the TRR142, since it offers a comprehensive support to multiple projects as well as the interchange of knowledge between different groups.