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First steps into Quantum Optics at the SAMOP in Hannover

"I am currently in the first semester of my physics master’s degree at the University of Paderborn. I joined Prof. Dr. Silberhorn´s research group “integrated quantum optics” in December 2021 and since then they provided me with several opportunities to enhance my knowledge and soft skills. This time I was invited to take part at the SAMOP DPG conference in Hannover.

The experiences were especially beneficial for my academic career because these type of events will form a part of my daily life as a research scientist. Therefore, I am more than grateful to get such opportunities at an early stage in my career. The SAMOP conference was a unique experience for me because not only did I hear several talks about different topics of quantum optics, but also had the chance to give my own contribution. My group leader (Dr. Benjamin Brecht) and our head of research (Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn) also suggested that I could present the past work of my bachelor thesis at one of the poster sessions in order to get a better understanding of explaining physical concepts to a larger and more experienced audience.

But apart from my scientific forthcoming, this conference has also impacted my personal development. I spend a lot of my free time with my colleagues and got the chance to know each of them on a more personal level. Furthermore, I was able to flourish my friendship with other research groups, who also participated at the conference. I am very grateful that the TRR142 Travel Grant Scheme (Female Empowerment) invited me to gain this initial experience in the scientific community by funding my participation."

Dear Abira, we are pleased to be able to support aspiring students like you. We wish you all the best for your next steps!

The TRR142 Travel Grant Scheme (Female Empowerment) offers financial support to promising female students (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.) who aim to attend a scientific conference, a summer/winter school, or a relevant scientific event of their choice. TRR 142 underlines its responsibility in promoting young talents to get involved in the field of Quantum Physics and Photonics. More information and the application link can be found here.