Performance boost by suppressing gray tracking

The world is just about to leap into quantum technology 2.0, promising a performance boost for existing and completely new functionalities and devices. The basis of this development is an in-depth understanding of the materials used for quantum devices.

Therefore, in this publication, we have examined the interaction of two fundamental properties of the material platform KTP, the connection between ion transport within the crystal and the so-called gray tracking. This investigation improves the profound understanding of the material KTP and thus enables new applications. At the same time, the material processing is improving, which immensely increases the quality of quantum devices.

DC Ionic Conductivity in KTP and Its Isomorphs: Properties, Methods for Suppression, and Its Connection to Gray Tracking
Laura Padberg , Viktor Quiring, Adriana Bocchini, Matteo Santandrea, Uwe Gerstmann, Wolf Gero Schmidt, Christine Silberhorn and Christof Eigner
Crystals 202212(10), 1359;


Graphic (Paderborn University): Comparison of the ionic conductivity between (a) gray-tracked and (b) annealed samples.