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The TRR 142-Travel Grant Scheme (Female Empowerment) – Financial support for talented young female researchers

The travel grant scheme offers financial support to promising female students (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.) who aim to attend a scientific conference, a summer/winter school, or a relevant scientific event of their choice. 

Empowering talented female scientists is key for the TRR 142.

In all efforts, empowering women in science will be key to what we do. We want to support young female scientists to be naturally confident and inspire others to follow their steps.

National and international conferences and summer/winter schools are not naturally on B.Sc. or M.Sc. students’ agenda. Here, an active participation is set to be valuable in the short run as well as long-term.

The exchange with other scientists – nationally and internationally – and building up one's own network is crucial for early career researchers. The TRR142 acknowledges female ambition and talent, and nurtures their intrinsic motivation in gaining first-hand experience on scientific relevant events.

With this travel grant scheme, the TRR 142 underlines its responsibility in promoting young talents to get involved in the field of Quantum Physics and Photonics.

Who can apply for a travel grant?

This programme is open to all young female researchers (B.Sc, M.Sc. or Ph.D.) of Paderborn University, TU Dortmund or any other university linked to the TRR 142, to bolster their knowledge of quantum physics and connected topics.

With the TRR 142-Travel Grant Scheme (Female Empowerment), we would like to encourage women to take their first steps into the scientific community, even without the pressure of presenting their own research.

For TRR 142-3 members and associates: the TRR 142-Travel Grant Scheme (Female Empowerment) is not a substitute for attending a conference to publish results, achieved under TRR 142. This is to be funded from the regular budget.

When to apply for a travel grant?

The application deadline is a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the proposed travel date. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the year.

How to apply?

Only online applications will be considered.

Application form (online), including:

- A description of the expected costs
- A Letter of Motivation (max. 300 words). The letter of Motivation should show why the conference/event will be beneficial for the applicant’s forthcoming.
- Supporting letter of one of the supervisors (for TRR 142 members and associates) or of the professor (for B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. students) respectively

What can be supported?
Travel expenses, accommodation costs, registration fees

What to deliver?

Participants provide a short report about the event (max. 300 words) they have attended to be published on the TRR 142-website.

Please apply through this application link.


Dirk Waldhoff

Dirk Waldhoff

Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 142

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