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Good Scientific Practice

Good scientific practice embraces all the procedures and practices that are necessary for planning, conducting and reporting research. By providing common values, good practice facilitates the vital, external processes of peer review, verification and repeatability.The interactive course provides graduate research students with an opportunity to build their understanding, skills and confidence in good scientific practice.

Features of the interactive course:

  • A safe, yet challenging course environment that will encourage participants to explore and identify the key elements of good scientific practice: codes & values, publishing, leadership & teams, and misconduct.
  • A balanced and structured program of real cases, exercises and review sessions that will provide a variety of learning situations
  • Adoptable to the needs of Ph.D. students at your institution!
  • Four Laws of Good Scientific Practice:
  • Develop investigative strategies/procedures/processes that take account of relevant scientific and other sources of information
  • Critically evaluate data, draw conclusions from it, formulate actions and recommend further investigations where appropriate
  • Beware of confirmation bias in planning, pursuing and analyzing experiments
  • Provide clear reports using appropriate methods of analyzing, summarizing and displaying information