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Time- and Selfmanagement

Manage and plan your research project: How to prioritize, how to collaborate and install a network, how to interact with your supervisor, project and time management and more! Most suited but not exclusive for PhD students and PostDocs.

In this challenging course, the following topics among others are covered:

  • Project, time and self-management: tools, roles, controls
  • Realistic self-awareness of your competencies
  • SMART goals for your life, work-life balance, options for stress management, strategic planning
  • Efficient interaction with your supervisor, meetings with colleagues
  • Research collaboration, networking, administration of literature

Four Laws of Project Management:

  • Project management is a way of thinking and behaving, rather than just analyzing and presenting data and graphs
  • Attempting to control all aspects ensures success, but not everything can be controlled
  • People, not numbers and graphs, create successful projects
  • Prioritize Urgency and Importance with the Eisenhower principle