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A02: Four-wave-mixing spectroscopy and optical pulse propagation in wide gap semiconductors


In this project, we will experimentally and theoretically study the mixing of transient optical signals in wide gap semiconductor structures under resonant excitation conditions. In order to generate effi-cient light pulses in the desired direction and time frame, we will evaluate the dephasing and the relaxation of optical excitations and their dependence on the excitation conditions in the nonlinear regime by wave-mixing and pump-probe experiments. This project will open novel perspectives for the design of complex nanophotonic circuits including couplers, switches and memories with ultrafast operation speeds.

Research Staff
PD Dr. Ilya Akimov Principal Investigator TU DO
Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier Principal Investigator UPB
Dr. Matthias Reichelt Scientific Assistant UPB
Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Hannes Postdoc UPB
Dr. Sergei Poltavtcev Postdoc TU DO
Jonas Vondran Doctoral Researcher TU DO