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A03: Cavity enhanced two-photon physics with semiconductor quantum dots


This project is focused on two-photon processes in semiconductor microcavities with embedded quantum dots. The project work will be concentrated on the down-conversion from the biexciton state via an optically induced virtual state which leads to a cavity enhanced single photon emission. Our joint theoretical and experimental quantum optical study aims for the demonstration of full optical control of cavity enhanced spontaneous single photon emission by stimulated down-conversion. The project pioneers new generations of nonlinear photonic semiconductor devices based on quantum optical principles.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Artur Zrenner Principal Investigator UPB
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schumacher Principal Investigator UPB
Prof. Dr. Dirk Reuter Principal Investigator UPB
Dr. Dirk Heinze Postdoc UPB
M. Sc. Björn Jonas Doctoral Researcher UPB
M. Sc. Timo Langer Doctoral Researcher UPB