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A07: Widely non-degenerate stimulated two-photon emission in semiconductors


Two-photon emission is a process in which optical transitions occur through the simultaneous emission of two photons. Here, we will focus on experimental and theoretical studies of widely non-degenerate two-photon emission stimulated by femtosecond pulses. Similar to nonlinear optical absorptions, such processes are expected to be massively enhanced whenever the involved fields differ widely in their frequency. Specifically, we want to investigate non-degenerate two-photon emission in various optically pumped semiconductors (GaAs, GaN, ZnO, Cu2O) as a function of the frequency ratio of the driving signal and idler field and, thereby, elucidate a novel type of optical nonlinearity in semiconductors.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Markus Betz Principal Investigator TU DO
Dr. Claudia Ruppert Principal Investigator TU DO
Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier Principal Investigator UPB
Dr. Matthias Reichelt Scientific Assistant UPB
M. Sc. Laura Krauss-Kodytek Doctoral Researcher TU DO
Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Hannes Postdoc UPB