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A08: Coupling between plasmonic excitations and intersubband transitions in nonlinear metasurfaces


The main goal of this project is to achieve a microscopic understanding of the coupling between plasmonic excitations in optical metasurfaces and intersubband transitions in quantum well semi-conductor heterostructures. We will use a novel photoemission spectro-microscopy setup to study how the coupling is influenced by the anisotropic excitation and decay of plasmons resulting either from the band-structure of the plasmonic material or from the geometric arrangement of the nanostructures. These studies will provide design rules to optimize the nonlinear response of plas-monic metasurfaces and thus to guide the quantum engineering of even better performing systems.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Mirko Cinchetti Principal Investigator TU DO
Prof. Dr. Thomas Zentgraf Principal Investigator UPB
M. Sc. Daniel Frese Doctoral Researcher UPB
M. Sc. Karl Schiller Doctoral Researcher TU DO