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C02: Integrated SU(1,1) interferometers


The primary goal of this project phase is to develop LiNbO3 based integrated circuits for quantum metrology applications. Based on LiNbO3-tool box components developed in the first phase of the project, we plan to develop integrated non-linear SU(1,1) interferometers in different configurations. Such interferometers are a very promising tool for supersensitive measurements in the relatively unexplored field of integrated continuous-variable quantum optics. Moreover, we expect to gain new physics insights into such quantum interferometers which can operate with different colors of the interfering photons and provide also new prospects for quantum source engineering and quantum information processing.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn Principal InvestigatorUPB
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Polina Sharapova
Principal InvestigatorUPB
Dr. Kai-Hong Luo PostdocUPB
M. Sc. Alessandro Ferrerri
Doctoral ResearcherUPB