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C05: Nonlinear optical surfaces based on ZnO-plasmonic hybrid-nanostructures


The project targets the efficient manipulation of light beams with simultaneous frequency conversion at an ultrathin metal-zinc oxide metasurface. We plan to manipulate the amplitude and phase of the nonlinear waves based on the structural design and material composition on a nanoscale by utilizing a nonlinear Pancharatnam-Berry phase. By coupling the plasmonic resonances of the metal nanostructures to the virtual and real transitions in zinc oxide, we will enhance the nonlinearity of the combined system. With this concept, we will realize ultrathin nonlinear optical components, like nonlinear lenses and beamsplitters.

Research Staff
Prof. Dr. Thomas Zentgraf Principal Investigator UPB
Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner Principal Investigator UPB
Prof. Dr. Cedrik Meier Principal Investigator UPB
Dr. Yevgen Grynko Scientific Assistant UPB
M.Sc. Christian Golla Doctoral Researcher UPB