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C05: Nonlinear optical surfaces based on ZnO-Plasmonic hybrid-nanostructures

M. Sc. Christian Golla, AG C. Meier

What is the challenge of my research project? Why am I eager to do it?
The project C05, I am working on, targets the efficient manipulation of light beams with simultaneous frequency conversion at an ultrathin metal-zinc oxide metasurface by structural design and material composition on a nanoscale to realize nonlinear lenses or beamsplitters. For this purpose, numerical simulations of the electromagnetic fields are necessary to predict and optimize the functionality of the desired metasurfaces. The fabrication of the metasurfaces requires many different technologies like molecular beam epitaxy used to grow zinc oxide thin films. I use subsequent electron beam lithography and reactive ion etching to transfer the desired pattern of nanoantennas into the grown zinc oxide films. Additionally, to characterize the functionality of the fabricated metasurfaces design of suitable measurement setups is required.  

What is my motivation for my project?
During my master thesis, I have already worked on realizing basic dielectric nanoantennas based on zinc oxide to enhance its nonlinear signals. This showed me the versatility and potential of this research field and motivates me to achieve more complex dielectric metasurfaces

Project A02

Vondran, Jonas
Grisard, Stefan

Project B05

Padberg, Laura
Mackwitz, Peter

Project C02

Ferreri, Alessandro
Luo, Kai Hong

Joint Technology Project
Administrative Project - Z02