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C01: Engineered frequency conversion devices

M.Sc. Jano Gil Lopez, AG Silberhorn

What is the challenge of my research project? Why am I eager to do it?
Quantum states of light are a key ingredient for the future of telecommunications. We investigate non-linear frequency conversion as a promising tool for the detection, characterisation and manipulation of these states. I model non-linear processes of interest and design new integrated waveguide devices.
We have a fruitful collaboration with the University of Dortmund. I am designing and testing devices that are then used for streak camera imaging. This allows them to characterise novel sources of quantum light, which would be impossible with off-the-shelf equipment.
The Quantum Pulse Gate is one of our flagships. I am currently working on enhancing the device and experimental setup to reduce the footprint and increase the efficiency and resolution. This will be a great advance towards fully integrated devices for measurement and characterisation.

Why did I choose this project?
Tests on the first integrated samples are very promising and I am optimizing the parameters. I am also dealing with instabilities in the setup that reduce the efficiency. One huge improvement will be a homogeneous oven for the device. Afterwards, I will investigate the many possible applications for its use with PDC light. Future is bright.