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Efficient Modeling and Tailoring of Nonlinear Wavefronts in Dielectric Metasurfaces

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Optimization of optical waveguide antennas for directive emission of light

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Electric-field-induced second harmonic generation in silicon dioxide

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Resonant evanescent excitation of OAM modes in a high-contrast circular step-index fiber

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Efficient Frequency Conversion with Geometric Phase Control in Optical Metasurfaces

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Broadband optical Ta2O5 antennas for directional emission of light

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Flexible source of correlated photons based on LNOI rib waveguides

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Small-scale online simulations in guided-wave photonics

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Selective Etching of (111)B-Oriented AlxGa1−xAs-Layers for Epitaxial Lift-Off

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Dielectric travelling wave antennas for directional light emission

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Resonant evanescent excitation of guided waves with high-order optical angular momentum

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Nanoantennas embedded in zinc oxide for second harmonic generation enhancement

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Plasmonic metasurfaces for controlling harmonic generations

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Nonlinear imaging with all-dielectric metasurfaces

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Nonlinear Wavefront Control by Geometric-Phase Dielectric Metasurfaces: Influence of Mode Field and Rotational Symmetry

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Nonlinear optics in all-dielectric nanoantennas and metasurfaces: a review

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Zinc oxide based dielectric nanoantennas for efficient nonlinear frequency conversion

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Strong nonlinear optical response from ZnO by coupled and lattice-matched nanoantennas

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Oblique quasi-lossless excitation of a thin silicon slab waveguide: a guided-wave variant of an anti-reflection coating

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Metasurface interferometry toward quantum sensors

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High-precision determination of silicon nanocrystals: optical spectroscopy versus electron microscopy

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Coupled microstrip-cavities under oblique incidence of semi-guided waves: a lossless integrated optical add-drop filter

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Four‐Wave Mixing Holographic Multiplexing Based on Nonlinear Metasurfaces

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Oblique incidence of semi-guided planar waves on slab waveguide steps: effects of rounded edges

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Oblique Semi-Guided Waves: 2-D Integrated Photonics with Negative Effective Permittivity

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Unveiling and Imaging Degenerate States in Plasmonic Nanoparticles with Nanometer Resolution

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Third Harmonic Generation Enhanced by Multipolar Interference in Complementary Silicon Metasurfaces

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Efficient frequency conversion by combined photonic–plasmonic mode coupling

N. Weber, S.P. Hoffmann, M. Albert, T. Zentgraf, C. Meier, Journal of Applied Physics 123 (2018).

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